Welcome to Sunshine Measurements

Sunshine Measurements specializes in design, development and manufacturing Aerodynamic facilities and measuring equipments for R&D organization and educational Institutions. This organization is the only organization in this country which gives total solution to establish any aerodynamic laboratory. Over the years all the facilities and measuring equipment are developed in house with consolations of outputs from premier institutions in India where ever and when ever required.

The Sunshine, over more than a decade of R & D, has developed a wide variety of Instrumentation Systems for Aerodynamic Measurements. They include the Wind Tunnels of various kinds, Manometers, Hotwire Anemometry System and its accessories. The various sub-systems that are being used have undergone changes to include the state of the art technology. Most of the accessories for Hotwire Anemometer uses micro controller and processor and are always very versatile and accurate. These systems are of research grade and are being used today in various institutions in India.

Sunshine is always working on the improvement of their systems using higher technologies available and is ready at any time to implement the requirements of customers and ideas.

Automatic Weather Monitoring Stations are being supplied to various organizations like Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, National Thermal Power Corporation for their power projects at Kahalgaon, Talcher, Kaniha, Tanda, Badarpur New Delhi, Simhadri Visakhapatnam, Central Water & Power Research Station, Pune, National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai etc.

Aerodynamic Measuring Systems are being supplied to various organizations like National Aerospace Laboratory Bangalore, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal, SDM College of Engineering Dharwar, Jadavapur University Kolkata, IIT Bombay, Delhi & Madras and many more organizations.